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From Safe Data to International Innovation: BIG Funds Interdisciplinary Workshops

For our Autumn 2016 Funding cycle, the Big Ideas Generator funded six interdisciplinary workshops that will be exploring ideas around the topics of information, complexity, and cognition.  

Workshops include the following:

  • Jack Gilbert, The Microbiome Center Workshops

  • Dario Maestripieri, The relationship between literature and knowledge, creativity, and cognition

  • Yoav Gilad, UChicago/ANL Joint Workshops

  • Funmi Olopade, Center for Global Health Workshop

  • Ian Foster, Michael Franklin, Safe Data: A workshop on paradigms and platform for safe analysis of sensitive data

  • Bill Brown, Designing Urbanism

BIG is dedicated to launching ambitious early-stage basic research projects for UChicago faculty. You can read more about BIG’s  workshops and projects on their website.  


~ Past Events ~

Scientist as Entrepreneur: Harnessing UChicago Research for the City of the Future

05 / 25   6:00 PM 1871 in the Merchandise Mart, Auditorium, 12th Floor (222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago)

Top researchers from UChicago will present on an issue facing our cities and then will discuss this work and other topics in a panel discussion.

Energy Breakthroughs: A Glimpse into the Future

05 / 24   5:15 PM Chicago Innovation Exchange Skydeck (5235 S. Harper Court, Chicago)

Hear from the innovators who are helping to bring emerging technologies from the lab to the marketplace through a series of TED-style talks that will present a glimpse into our energy future.

Understanding Innovation: New Insights from the Next Generation of Behavioral Science

05 / 25   3:00 PM Charles M. Harper Center, Room C-06, Concourse Level (5807 S. Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago)

Do you want to encourage more creative thinking in your business?  Would you like to better understand how people solve problems and develop ideas?  Are you curious how scientists study complex, human thought processes like this?  Come to "Understanding Innovation: New Insights from the Next Generation of Behavioral Science", presented by the Booth School of Business's Center for Decision Research, to learn about cutting-edge research on creativity and innovation.  Admission is FREE, and refreshments will be served.  All are welcome!