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UChicago Faculty Funding Opportunity for School-related Interventions

08 / 05 / 2017

At University of Chicago

The Hymen Milgrom Supporting Organization (HMSO) is pleased to announce the 2017 Request for Proposals for Research on Successful Pathways from School to Work

This announcement from from our friends at the Successful Pathways from School to Work, which supports rigorous inquiry on how to improve education to better prepare urban youth to succeed in the modern labor market. Its goals are:

  • To understand how educators (not just teachers, but also people such as parents, child care providers, and social workers) can become more effective in fostering the skills that are most essential for labor market success
  • To understand how educators can be more effective in motivating persistent, reliable effort to attend school, complete work on time, progress from grade to grade, accumulate credits, and graduate
  • To understand how educators can become more helpful in making available information and experiences that enable youth to envision and successfully carry out post-secondary plans of action that lead to stable, productive employment
  • To clarify the malleable factors which contribute, at each stage of the life course, to a successful transition from school to work

The HMSO, which funds Successful Pathways, is now seeking brief (1,500 word) Letters of Interest (LOI) from interested University of Chicago faculty and Ph.D. students. The deadline for submission of LOI is May 8, 2017.

For more information, download the full Request for Proposals at or send an email to

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