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University of Chicago Alaina Harkness

Molecular scientists unexpectedly produce new type of glass

When Prof. Juan de Pablo and his collaborators set about to explain unusual peaks in what should have been featureless optical data, they thought there was a problem in their calculations. In fact, what they were seeing was real. The peaks were an indication of molecular order in a material thought to be entirely amorphous and random: Their experiments had produced a new kind of glass.

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University of Chicago Alaina Harkness

2015 Impact Report

2015 was an outstanding year for Arete and our partners. We ended the year with over 19 million dollars in successful grant proposals. We increased the number of faculty we work with to 243, we helped secure one of the largest foundation awards the Divinity School has ever received, and we made front page news on the UChicago homepage. Our 2015 report highlights some of the key moments and milestones that stood out this year.

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Summer@CIE Workshop Series

08 / 04   12:00 AM Chicago Innovation Exchange

 The Summer@CIE program is a series of workshops and lectures organized by the Chicago Innovation Exchange for entrepreneurs working at the CIE this summer. 

MBL Celebration of Discovery

10 / 07   12:00 AM Marine Biological Laboratory

There is no other place in the world like the Marine Biological Laboratory. An environment of discovery without equal, the MBL is a nexus where scientists meet—often for the first time—and begin work that has a global reach.



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